We’re currently experiencing technical

We’re currently experiencing technical difficulties with the GSE website. Stay tuned to our Twitter & Facebook for more updates on this.

Global Special Effects Celebrates 20 Yea

Global Special Effects Celebrates 20 Years with Disney – http://ow.ly/e49l9

GlobalSpecialEffects.com Specials: use c

GlobalSpecialEffects.com Specials: use coupon codes FOAM-BUY-3-GET-1-FREE and CRYO-BUY-2-GET-1-HALF-OFF on our website to save BIG on foam fluids and Cryo-Jets! The codes are only active until the 31st. Offer also good on 5 gallon buckets — call 256-229-5551 to place the bulk orders.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re having t

If you haven’t noticed, we’re having technical difficulties this morning with website/email. Hope to have things fixed very soon. Thanks!

New Website is LIVE!

This will be the last post from our WordPress.com-hosted blog.  We will be migrating the domain globalspecialfx.com over to our new blog, so if there are any subscribers that follow our WordPress.com blog, you will need to re-subscribe at http://www.globalspecialeffects.com at the bottom of the page.

There will be kinks here and there for awhile.  Please report all bugs and broken links to jamey@globalspecialeffects.com.

New GSE Website Going Live on Sunday!

GSE 2.0This will be the last post on this blog as you currently know it.  Starting Sunday (officially, Monday), the new Global Special Effects website, GSE 2.0, will make its official live debut on the web with a brand new all-inclusive design.  That means our blog will now be incorporated into our website and will no longer be a separate site altogether.  However, you WILL still be able to access The Global Daily Feed directly by going to http://www.globalspecialfx.com, just as you can now.  The only difference is that it will direct you to the blog section of our website instead of a separate site.

Beginning tomorrow and ending sometime on Sunday, we will be in the last transition stages of our design phase.  There is a slight possibility that The Global Daily Feed could experience a short period of downtime while we are switching over the name servers.  There is also a possibility that this official switch might not take place until sometime next week after the new site goes live, in which case you would be provided with the web address of the new blog in the meantime via one last blog post.

If everything goes as planned, the new blog will retain all of the old articles and archives completely intact, and will also have most, if not all of the current blogs features — if not immediately, then in the very near future.

If you haven’t heard, the new website will be extremely powerful and WordPress-driven, powered by PHP and a MySQL database, all laid out nice and pretty under a custom theme designed by our very own Director of Marketing & Design, Jamey Austin.  A fantastic upgrade from our current website’s features, it will be able to process credit cards on the fly and instantly calculate shipping in the very near future.  The shipping feature will be included in the GSE 2.5 release, sometime later this summer.

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GSE Welcomes New Sales Associate, Mark Wood!

Global Special Effects

Global Special Effects

Global Special Effects is overjoyed by the fact that it has recently received a new member into its warm, familial bosom.  His name is Mark Wood, and he is a former mortgage banker from Killen, Alabama.  Mark graduated with a degree in marketing from The University of North Alabama.  He has been in sales for over 12 years, where he has excelled at becoming the top sales executive in his field.  He comes to us with good repute from all who know him, and we are extremely excited to have him join the team!

One thing that sets Mark Wood apart from all the other salesmen out there is his experience in our specific industry.  Not only is he an excellent salesperson, but he also comes directly from a haunted house and trade show background.  His brother in-law owns Arx Mortis Haunted House in Killen, Alabama, where he has worked for the past five years.  Arx Mortis used to be known as Greystone Manor, and is one of the top haunted attractions in the entire country.

Mark’s experience with the special effects industry really sets him apart from other salespeople.  He has a passion for sales, as well as a passion for our industry, and that’s exactly what we look for at Global Special Effects.  The odds are, you will probably hear from him at some point if you do business with us.  He really is a great guy, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for him at Global Special Effects!

GSE Receives Green Globe Award For Recycling

Solar panel installation at an information cen...

Global Special Effects was recently awarded the prestigious Green Globe Award for recycling cardboard and metal used in its manufacturing process.  This outstanding award could not have come at a better time; it allows GSE to have carbon credits that will be used to buy solar panels, which they will be adding to the roof of their new 20,000 square-foot facility in Lexington, Alabama.  This new facility will give Global Special Effects a grand total of 45,000 square-feet of manufacturing space.  …we just don’t stop, do we?  🙂

In The News: “Burger Bytes – Global Special Effects”

The Amazing Snowman

The Amazing Snowman

LEXINGTON, Ala. — Temperatures might be rising outside the Global Special Effects warehouse, but inside it’s a winter wonderland.

“Our claim to fame is our evaporative snow products,” president Francisco Guerra said. “We can make it look like it’s snowing, but it evaporates in seconds.”

The small business has been tucked away in the small town of Lexington for ten years.

“For the last 20 years [the company] has been providing all the theme parks in the world with special effects to create their illusionary snow for the rides,” Guerra said.

They also do snow for major motion pictures, while providing it for 23 countries. The “faux snow” is made of 99% evaporated water and one percent surfactant.

“It’s 100% non-toxic, non-allergenic, you can even eat it,” Guerra added.

Besides snow, the company has a line of products. One of which is “Flogos”, which creates clouds in the shapes of logos.

Their latest product is the “Amazing Snowman”. It’s a snowman that blows handfuls of evaporative snow through his mittened hands and up into the surrounding air.

You can actually help get it on the shelf at Wal-Mart, by going onto www.getontheshelf.com and voting for the Amazing Snowman.

The first round of online voting goes through April 3rd.

GSE Awarded Gov’t Contract For U.S. Army Environmental Control

US Army

Global Special Effects was recently awarded a government contract for environmental control for the United States Army.  The contract comes as a 5-year agreement to produce weather training environments for military personnel at home and stationed abroad.

GSE is proud to be Made in America, and is extremely excited about this new announcement!  We absolutely cannot wait to do everything we possibly can for the amazing people who serve our country.  Stay tuned for more details!